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About Us

DPE DEFENCE is a part of group of companies owned by DPE Group. The Group consists principally of four lines of business Energy, Telecommunication, Defense Industry, General Trade and operates in Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East since 1994. Within the group DPE Defense has been trading for over 14 years and it is experienced varied defence projects.

DPE DEFENCE is a proud supplier of life cycle solutions and long-term technical services for customers globally.

DPE DEFENCE provides comprehensive range of products and services to manufacturers, national defense establishments (Ministry of National Defence, Under Secretariat for Defence Industries etc.), government contractors and develops business opportunities in meeting the requirements of the Military Defence Industry and the Aviation market both defense and airline Industry.

DPE DEFENCE holds a promising future in becoming a global distributor and representative firm in the area of wholesale trade of a variety of products including tools, components, spare parts, equipment, systems and sub-systems, ground, naval and aerial carriers and other military instruments fundamental to the military defense industry. As a distinguished sales agent and a keen observer of the key tender operations, our company masters in the procurement and allocation of a complete line of specialty hardware, installation tooling and application products and services with an aim to satisfy the needs of selective defence-oriented foundations. In addition to being an active supplier of a large array of products available in the defence market, DPE DEFENCE specializes in the provision of engineering and technical assistance to those companies facing specific application difficulties. DPE DEFENCE's services encompass inventory management in circumstances where companies and military establishments experience product shortages and reduction in their on-hand inventories.

Furthermore, DPE DEFENCE provides spare parts adaptable to all military and Commercial Aircrafts.

In short, DPE DEFENCE has embraced quality, variety, reliability, innovation, diligence and perseverance as the fundamental characteristics of its business tradition and will remain loyal to these principles, which have made the company unique in meeting the requirements of the Military Defence Industry and the Aviation market both defence and airline Industry.

Our flexibility enables us to meet customers' budgets as well as their stringent operational demands.


our Team

We may be strong as individuals but together we are invincible

Ali Ihsan ULUSOY

- general manager


- ceo of dpe group

Berna Sema ULUSOY

- legal adviser

Adam Walker

- mechatronic engineer